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Title: Noracymethadol
CAS Registry Number: 1477-39-0
CAS Name: a-Ethyl-b-[2-(methylamino)propyl]-b-phenylbenzeneethanol acetate
Additional Names: a-dl-6-(methylamino)-4,4-diphenyl-3-heptanol acetate; a-dl-3-acetoxy-4,4-diphenyl-6-methylaminoheptane; a-dl-3-acetoxy-6-methylamino-4,4-diphenylheptane; a-dl-4,4-diphenyl-6-methylamino-3-heptanol acetate
Molecular Formula: C22H29NO2
Molecular Weight: 339.47
Percent Composition: C 77.84%, H 8.61%, N 4.13%, O 9.43%
Literature References: Metabolite of methadyl acetate, q.v. Prepn: A. Pohland, US 3021360 (1962 to Lilly). Metabolism: G. L. Henderson et al., Drug Metab. Dispos. 5, 321 (1977); M. Man et al., ibid. 8, 55 (1980). HPLC determn: C.-H. Kiang et al., J. Chromatogr. 222, 81 (1981).
Derivative Type: Hydrochloride
CAS Registry Number: 5633-25-0
Manufacturers' Codes: NIH-7667
Molecular Formula: C22H29NO2.HCl
Molecular Weight: 375.93
Percent Composition: C 70.29%, H 8.04%, N 3.73%, O 8.51%, Cl 9.43%
Properties: Crystals from acetone + ether, mp ~216-217°.
Melting point: mp ~216-217°
NOTE: This is a controlled substance (opiate): 21 CFR, 1308.11.

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