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Title: p-Ditolylmercury
CAS Registry Number: 537-64-4
CAS Name: Bis(4-methylphenyl)mercury
Molecular Formula: C14H14Hg
Molecular Weight: 382.85
Percent Composition: C 43.92%, H 3.69%, Hg 52.39%
Line Formula: (CH3C6H4)2Hg
Literature References: Prepd by the action of sodium iodide on p-tolylmercuric chloride in ethanol: Whitmore et al., Org. Synth. 3, 65 (1923); by boiling p-bromotoluene with sodium amalgam in xylene in the presence of ethyl acetate as a catalyst: Dreher, Otto, Ann. 154, 171 (1870); LaCoste, Michaelis, ibid. 201, 246 (1880); Compt. Rend. 68, 1298 (1869).
Properties: Needles from xylene. mp 238°. Insol in water. Slightly sol in cold alcohol; sol in hot benzene, xylene, chloroform, carbon disulfide.
Melting point: mp 238°

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