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Title: Erdosteine
CAS Registry Number: 84611-23-4
CAS Name: [[2-Oxo-2-[(tetrahydro-2-oxo-3-thienyl)amino]ethyl]thio]acetic acid
Additional Names: (±)-[[[(tetrahydro-2-oxo-3-thienyl)carbamoyl]methyl]thio]acetic acid; DL-S-[2-[N-3-(2-oxotetrahydrothienyl)acetamido]]thioglycolic acid; N-(carboxymethylthioacetyl)homocysteine thiolactone; dithiosteine
Manufacturers' Codes: RV-144
Trademarks: Secresolv (Refarmed)
Molecular Formula: C8H11NO4S2
Molecular Weight: 249.31
Percent Composition: C 38.54%, H 4.45%, N 5.62%, O 25.67%, S 25.72%
Literature References: Homocysteine thiolactone derivative with mucomodulating activity. Prepn: J. Gonella, EP 61386; idem, US 4411909 (1982, 1983 both to Refarmed); M. Gobetti et al., Farmaco Ed. Sci. 41, 69 (1986). Clinical trial in bronchitis: G. Ricevuti et al., Thorax 43, 585 (1988). Clinical effect on a1-antitrypsin levels in cigarette smokers: M. Vagliasindi, G. B. Fregnan, Int. J. Clin. Pharmacol. Ther. Toxicol. 27, 238 (1989).
Properties: Crystals from ethanol, mp 156-158°. pKa 3.71. LD50 in mice and rats (g/kg): >10 orally; >3.5 i.v. (Gonella).
Melting point: mp 156-158°
pKa: pKa 3.71
Toxicity data: LD50 in mice and rats (g/kg): >10 orally; >3.5 i.v. (Gonella)
Therap-Cat: Mucolytic.
Keywords: Mucolytic.

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