Magnesium Silicide
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Magnesium Silicide
CAS Registry Number: 22831-39-6
Molecular Formula: Mg2Si
Molecular Weight: 76.70
Percent Composition: Mg 63.38%, Si 36.62%
Literature References: Prepd by heating finely powdered Mg and Si in a proportion of 20 to 6: Gire, Compt. Rend. 196, 1404 (1933), C.A. 27, 3678 (1933); Winkler, Helv. Phys. Acta 28, 633 (1955), C.A. 50, 6908c (1956). Prepn and conversion to silanes: Emeleus, Maddock, J. Chem. Soc. 1946, 1131.
Properties: Slate-blue, cubic crystals. d420 ~2.0. mp 1085°. Dec at 550° in vacuo yielding Mg3Si2. Heat of formation: 18.5 cal/mol. Dec by water, HCl.
Melting point: mp 1085°
Density: d420 ~2.0
Use: In semiconductor research. Has been used to build Mg-Si rectifiers.

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