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Title: Thymomodulin
CAS Registry Number: 90803-92-2
Trademarks: Leucotrofina (Ellem)
Literature References: Cell-free thymic hormone preparation extracted from calf thymus by acid hydrolysis. Composed of a mixture of biologically active acidic peptides of mol wt <10,000. Modulates the maturation of T-cells. Prepn of crude extract from calf thymus: B. Brunetti, E. Pini, US 3657417 (1972 to Ellem). Electrophoretic characterization: C. Secchi et al., Riv. Eur. Sci. Med. Farmacol. 4, 499 (1982), C.A. 101, 21878m (1984). Biological activity and comparison with other thymic hormones: J. J. Twomey, N. M. Kouttab, Cell. Immunol. 72, 186 (1982). Purification and pharmacodynamics: eidem, Drugs Exp. Clin. Res. 10, 921 (1984). Antileukopenic activity in myelodepressed cancer patients: Z. Uray et al., Agressologie 21, 215 (1980); C. Gallo Curcio et al., Int. J. Immunother. 2, 189 (1986). Use in prophylaxis of infantile asthma: R. Genova, A. Guerra, Pediatr. Med. Chir. 5, 395 (1983). Preliminary study in AIDS: G. Valesini et al., Eur. J. Cancer Clin. Oncol. 22, 531 (1986).
Therap-Cat: Immunoregulator.
Keywords: Immunomodulator.

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