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Title: Thyroid
Trademarks: Tiroidina; Thyradin; Thyrocrine (Lemmon)
Literature References: Thyroid gland of domesticated animals that are used as food by man, freed from connective tissue and fat, dried and powdered. Contains not less than 0.17% and not over 0.23% iodine in thyroid combination. 1 part ยป 5 parts fresh gland. Chemistry and physiology: Rawson et al., The Hormones vol. III (Academic Press, New York, 1955) pp 433-519.
Properties: Yellowish powder; slight meat-like odor; saline taste.
Therap-Cat: Thyroid hormone.
Therap-Cat-Vet: In myxedema. Has been used in obesity, renal insufficiency, chronic skin conditions and to increase spermatogenesis, libido, lactation.
Keywords: Antihypothyroid; Thyroid Hormone.

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