Cy 3
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Title: Cy 3
CAS Registry Number: 146397-20-8
CAS Name: 1-[6-[(2,5-Dioxo-1-pyrrolidinyl)oxy]-6-oxohexyl]-2-[3-[1-[6-[(2,5-dioxo-1-pyrrolidinyl)oxy]-6-oxohexyl]-1,3-dihydro-3,3-dimethyl-5-sulfo-2H-indol-2-ylidene]-1-propenyl]-3,3-dimethyl-5-sulfo-3H-indolium inner salt
Molecular Formula: C43H50N4O14S2
Molecular Weight: 911.01
Percent Composition: C 56.69%, H 5.53%, N 6.15%, O 24.59%, S 7.04%
Literature References: One of a family of indocyanine dyes with high fluorescence. Conjugates easily to proteins and oligonucleotides for labelling. Prepn: A. S. Waggoner et al., DE 3912046; eidem, US 5268486 (1990, 1993 both to Carnegie-Mellon). Use with fiber optic biosensors: L. A. Tempelman et al., Proc. SPIE Int. Soc. Opt. Eng. 2293, 139 (1994). Use with neuropeptides for detection of receptors: N. W. Bunnett et al., Histochem. J. 28, 811 (1996); for detection of synaptic vesicle mobility: K. Kraszewski et al., J. Neurosci. 16, 5905 (1996).
Derivative Type: Potassium salt
Properties: Water soluble. Absorbance max: 552 nm; emission max: 565 nm; extinction coefficient >130,000 M-1cm-1.
Use: Fluorescent label.

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