Strontium Fluoride
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Strontium Fluoride
CAS Registry Number: 7783-48-4
Molecular Formula: F2Sr
Molecular Weight: 125.62
Percent Composition: F 30.25%, Sr 69.75%
Line Formula: SrF2
Literature References: Prepd by dissolving SrCO3 in an excess of 40% HF and evaporating to dryness: Berzelius, Pogg. Ann. 1, 20 (1824); final drying should be done at 150° in vacuo.
Properties: White powder or cubic crystals. d 4.24. mp ~1400°. bp 2460°. Stable in air up to 1000°. Above this temp it is oxidized to strontium oxide. Heat of evaporation 78.2. Trouton const 28.6. Soly in water (18°) 11.7 mg/100 ml. More sol in dil acids. Dec by strong acids. May be stored in glass bottles.
Melting point: mp ~1400°
Boiling point: bp 2460°
Density: d 4.24

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