Rhenium Trioxide
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Rhenium Trioxide
CAS Registry Number: 1314-28-9
CAS Name: Rhenic anhydride
Molecular Formula: O3Re
Molecular Weight: 234.21
Percent Composition: O 20.49%, Re 79.50%
Line Formula: ReO3
Literature References: Prepd by reduction of Re2O7 with dioxane: Nechamkin, Hiskey, Inorg. Synth. 3, 186 (1950); with CO: Melaven et al., ibid. 187.
Properties: Red cubic crystals; green luster by transmitted light; the color of the powder may appear blue (rhenium blue). At 400° disproportionates in vacuo to Re2O7 and ReO2. bp 750°. d 6.9-7.4. Practically insol in water, alkalies, non-oxidizing acids; oxidized by HNO3 to HReO4.
Boiling point: bp 750°
Density: d 6.9-7.4

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