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Title: Stramonium
Additional Names: Thorn apple; Jamestown weed; Jimpson weed; Jimson weed; stinkweed; devil's apple; apple of Peru
Literature References: Dried leaves and flowering tops of Datura stramonium L., Solanaceae or its varieties. Used in traditional medicine in treatment of asthma. Habit. Europe, Asia, America. Constit. Leaves: 0.25-0.45% alkaloids consisting of atropine, hyoscyamine, and scopolamine; proteins, albumin. Seed: the same alkaloids but in lesser amounts; fixed oil, malic acid proteins. Comprehensive monograph: A. F. Blakeslee, The Genus Datura (Ronald Press, New York, 1959) 289 pp. Review: V. E. Tyler et al. in Pharmacognosy, 9th Ed., (Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia, 1988) pp 197-199.

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