Shark Liver Oil
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Title: Shark Liver Oil
CAS Registry Number: 68990-63-6
Trademarks: Robecote (Robeco)
Literature References: Oil expressed from the livers of sharks and other Elasmobranchii species. Constit: Squalene, pristane, vitamins A and D, esters of fatty acids (esp. palmitic and oleic), glycerol ethers, triglycerides, cholesterol and fatty alcohols. Isoln: A. Ehrenreich, GB 284657 (1927); C. E. Brown, S. A. Reed, GB 1021542 (1966 to Marfleet Refining Co. Ltd.). Composition: N. A. Sörensen, J. Mehlum, Acta Chem. Scand. 2, 140 (1948); E. Gelpi, J. Oro, J. Am. Oil Chem. Soc. 45, 144 (1968); R. Lombardi et al., Ann. Pharm. Fr. 29, 429 (1971). Comparison with cod liver oil: A. O. Banjo, J. Food Technol. 14, 107 (1979).
Properties: Clear, yellow oil. Phys props of liver oil from basking shark: nD20 1.4784; d20 0.922; sapon no. 140-146; iodine no. 140-145 (Lombardi).
Index of refraction: nD20 1.4784
Density: d20 0.922
Therap-Cat: Topical protectant.
Keywords: Topical Protectant.

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