Phosphorus Trichloride
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Phosphorus Trichloride
CAS Registry Number: 7719-12-2
Additional Names: Phosphorous chloride
Molecular Formula: Cl3P
Molecular Weight: 137.33
Percent Composition: Cl 77.45%, P 22.55%
Line Formula: PCl3
Literature References: Prepd from red phosphorus and dry chlorine in the presence of refluxing PCl3: Forbes et al., Inorg. Synth. 2, 145 (1946). Manuf: Faith, Keyes & Clark's Industrial Chemicals, F. A. Lowenheim, M. K. Moran, Eds. (Wiley-Interscience, New York, 4th ed., 1975) pp 654-657. Review: Payne, "Chemistry of Phosphorus Halides" in Topics in Phosphorus Chemistry vol. 4, M. Grayson, E. J. Griffith, Eds. (Interscience, New York, 1967) pp 85-155.
Properties: Colorless, clear, fuming liquid. d421 1.574. mp -112°. bp 76°. Vapor pressure: 100 mm (21°). Decomposed by water or alc. Sol in benzene, chloroform, ether, carbon disulfide. Keep in tightly closed containers and handle with caution.
Melting point: mp -112°
Boiling point: bp 76°
Density: d421 1.574
CAUTION: Potential symptoms of overexposure are irritation of eyes, skin, nose and throat; pulmonary edema; burns eyes and skin. See NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards (DHHS/NIOSH 97-140, 1997) p 256.
Use: As of phosphorus oxychloride; manuf POCl3, PCl5; producing iridescent metallic deposits.

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