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Title: Lycoxanthin
CAS Registry Number: 19891-74-8
CAS Name: y,y-Carotene-16-ol
Additional Names: (all-trans)-lycopen-16-ol
Molecular Formula: C40H56O
Molecular Weight: 552.87
Percent Composition: C 86.90%, H 10.21%, O 2.89%
Literature References: Carotenoid isolated from Solanum dulcamara L., Lycopersicum esculentum Mill., Solanaceae; Tamus communis L., Dioscoreaceae. Isoln by chromatography and structure: Zechmeister, Cholnoky, Ber. 69, 422 (1936). Structure: Karrer et al., Helv. Chim. Acta 13, 268, 1084 (1930); 14, 614, 843 (1931); Winterstein, Angew. Chem. 72, 902 (1960). Revised structure: Cholnoky, Szabolcs, Tetrahedron Lett. 1968, 1931. Stereochemistry: Kelly et al., Acta Chem. Scand. 25, 1607 (1971). Total synthesis: Kjosen, Liaaen-jensen, ibid. 1500.
Properties: Purple needles from carbon disulfide. Reddish-brown round or acicular cryst aggregates from benzene + petr ether, mp 168°. Absorption max (acetone): 448, 474 (E1%1cm 3080), 505 nm. Sol in carbon disulfide and benzene. Moderately sol in petr ether. Sparingly sol in alc.
Melting point: mp 168°
Absorption maximum: Absorption max (acetone): 448, 474 (E1%1cm 3080), 505 nm
Derivative Type: Monoacetate
Properties: Deep purple needles from benzene+ methanol, mp 137°. Freely sol in carbon disulfide; sparingly sol in alcohol, petr ether.
Melting point: mp 137°

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