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Title: Reticulin
Literature References: One of the connective tissue proteins occurring wherever connective tissue forms a boundary: Jacobson, Nature and Structure of Collagen, J. T. Randall, Ed. (Butterworths, London, 1953) pp 6-13, C.A. 48, 10814e (1954). Found together with collagen and elastin. Particularly abundant in membranes of the glomeruli and tubules of the kidney and in supportive structure of the vasculature and lung alveoli. Isoln from kidney tissue slices: Kramer, Little, ibid. pp 33-43, C.A. 48, 10815a (1954). Contains about 85% protein, the amino acid content of which is very similar to that of collagen. Also contains about 4.2% carbohydrate and approx 11% bound lipid which yields, on hydrolysis, 95% myristic acid and 5% palmitic acid: Windrum et al., Br. J. Exp. Pathol. 36, 49 (1955). Lacks hydroxyproline; glycine content is that of normal proteins: Pras, Glynn, ibid. 54, 449 (1973).
Properties: Stable in boiling water and in 1N HCl. Can be dispersed in distilled water but precipitated by physiological saline (0.15 mol/l).

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