Gold Sodium Thiomalate
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Title: Gold Sodium Thiomalate
CAS Registry Number: 12244-57-4
CAS Name: Mercaptobutanedioic acid monogold(1+) sodium salt
Additional Names: sodium aurothiomalate
Trademarks: Myochrysine (Merck & Co.); Shiosol (Shionogi); Tauredon (Byk Gulden)
Literature References: Disease modifying antirheumatic drug (DMARD). Mixture of the mono- (C4H4AuNaO4S) and disodium (C4H3AuNa2O4S) salts of gold thiomalic acid. Prepn as the monohydrate of the disodium salt: M. Del├ępine, US 1994213 (1935 to Rhone Poulenc). Detection in blood by atomic absorption spectroscopy: A. I. A. Rodgers et al., Anal. Proc. 19, 87 (1982). Clinical pharmacokinetics: K. L. N. Blocka et al., Clin. Pharmacokinet. 11, 133 (1986). Discussion of mechanisms of action: H. A. Capell, Agents Actions Suppl. 24, 158 (1988). Clinical trial in rheumatoid arthritis: R. Munro et al., Ann. Rheum. Dis. 57, 88 (1998).
Properties: White to yellowish-white powder, metallic taste. Very sol in water. Practically insol in alcohol, ether. Aq solns are colorless to pale yellow. pH of a 5% aq soln: 5.8-6.5.
Therap-Cat: Antirheumatic.
Keywords: Antiarthritic/Antirheumatic.

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