Oil of Fleabane
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Title: Oil of Fleabane
Additional Names: Oil of Canada fleabane; oil of erigeron
Literature References: Volatile oil from fresh flowering herb of Conyza canadensis (L.) Cron. (Erigeron canadensis L., Leptilon canadense (L.)) Britt., Compositae. Constit. d-Limonene, aldehydes.
Properties: Pale yellow liquid; becomes darker and thicker with age and on exposure to air; peculiar odor; aromatic, slightly pungent taste. d2525 0.845-0.865. aD20 ~+45°. Slightly sol in water; sol in 1 vol alcohol; very sol in chloroform, ether. Keep well closed, cool and protected from light.
Optical Rotation: aD20 ~+45°
Density: d2525 0.845-0.865

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