Allocupreide Sodium
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Title: Allocupreide Sodium
CAS Registry Number: 5965-40-2
CAS Name: 3-[[(2-Propenylamino)thioxomethyl]amino]benzoic acid monocopper (1+) monosodium salt
Additional Names: m-[(N-allyl-1-mercaptoformimidoyl)amino]benzoic acid copper derivative sodium salt; 3-[1-(3-allyl-S-cupropseudothioureido)]benzoic acid sodium salt; m-[[(allylimino)mercaptomethyl]amino]benzoic acid S-copper derivative sodium salt; sodium 3-(3-allyl-S-cuproisothioureido)benzoate; sodium 3-(3-allyl-S-cupropseudothioureido)benzoate; cuprothiosinamine m-benzoate sodium; cupralylnatrium; cupralylsodium
Trademarks: Ebesal (Hoechst)
Molecular Formula: C11H11CuN2NaO2S
Molecular Weight: 321.82
Percent Composition: C 41.05%, H 3.45%, Cu 19.75%, N 8.70%, Na 7.14%, O 9.94%, S 9.96%
Literature References: Prepd by heating m-aminobenzoic acid with allyl isothiocyanate and treating the resulting m,w-allylthioureidobenzoic acid with cuprous chloride: Bockmühl, Fritzsche, DE 551421 (1932 to I. G. Farben).
Properties: Dark brown powder. Freely sol in water. Insol in alcohol, ether.
Therap-Cat: Antirheumatic.
Keywords: Antiarthritic/Antirheumatic.
Status: This monograph has been retired and is no longer subject to revision or update.

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