Cyanoacetic Acid
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Cyanoacetic Acid
CAS Registry Number: 372-09-8
Additional Names: Malonic mononitrile
Molecular Formula: C3H3NO2
Molecular Weight: 85.06
Percent Composition: C 42.36%, H 3.55%, N 16.47%, O 37.62%
Line Formula: NºCCH2COOH
Literature References: Prepd from chloroacetic acid and NaCN: Ruggli, Businger, Helv. Chim. Acta 25, 35 (1942); Lapworth, Baker, Org. Synth. coll. vol. I, 181 (1941); GB 824640 (1959); Eaker, US 2539238 (1951 to Monsanto).
Properties: Hygroscopic crystals, mp 66°; dec at 160° into CO2 and acetonitrile. bp15 108°. Sol in water, alcohol, ether, slightly in benzene, chloroform. Keep well closed.
Melting point: mp 66°
Boiling point: bp15 108°
Use: Synthesis of intermediates; manuf barbital.

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