Chloroacetyl Isocyanate
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Chloroacetyl Isocyanate
CAS Registry Number: 4461-30-7
Additional Names: Chloroacetic acid anhydride with isocyanic acid
Molecular Formula: C3H2ClNO2
Molecular Weight: 119.51
Percent Composition: C 30.15%, H 1.69%, Cl 29.67%, N 11.72%, O 26.77%
Line Formula: ClCH2CONCO
Literature References: Obtained by the reaction of chloroacetamide with oxalyl chloride: Speziale, Smith, J. Org. Chem. 28, 1808 (1963).
Properties: Liquid. bp20 50-55°. nD21.5 1.4580.
Boiling point: bp20 50-55°
Index of refraction: nD21.5 1.4580

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