o-Iodohippurate Sodium
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Title: o-Iodohippurate Sodium
CAS Registry Number: 133-17-5
CAS Name: N-(2-Iodobenzoyl)glycine monosodium salt
Additional Names: sodium o-iodohippurate
Trademarks: Hippodin; Jodairol
Molecular Formula: C9H7INNaO3
Molecular Weight: 327.05
Percent Composition: C 33.05%, H 2.16%, I 38.80%, N 4.28%, Na 7.03%, O 14.68%
Literature References: "Contains not less than 38.5% nor more than 39% iodine, when calcd to the dried substance." Prepd by the condensation of o-iodobenzoic acid with glycine, and treatment with NaOH soln: A. P. Sachs, US 2135474 (1938 to Zonite Prods.). Diagnostic use in post-transplant renography: H. Huland, K. Bischoff, J. Urol. 129, 925 (1983); J.-I. D. Jorgensen, J. Ladefoged, Dan. Med. Bull. 34, 50 (1987).
Derivative Type: Dihydrate
Properties: Crystals. Freely sol in water; sol in alcohol and in dil solns of alkalies. An aq soln is neutral or faintly alkaline to litmus.
Derivative Type: 131I-Labeled form
CAS Registry Number: 881-17-4
Trademarks: Hippuran I 131 (Mallinckrodt); Hipputope (BMS)
Derivative Type: 123I-Labeled form
CAS Registry Number: 56254-07-0
Trademarks: Nephroflow (Medi-Physics)
Therap-Cat: Diagnostic aid (radiopaque medium); labeled form as diagnostic aid (radioactive imaging agent).
Keywords: Diagnostic Aid (Radiopaque Medium).

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