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Title: Amocarzine
CAS Registry Number: 36590-19-9
CAS Name: 4-Methyl-N-[4-[(4-nitrophenyl)amino]phenyl]-1-piperazinecarbothioamide
Additional Names: 4-nitro-4¢-[(N-methylpiperazinyl)thiocarbonylamino]diphenylamine
Manufacturers' Codes: CGP-6140
Molecular Formula: C18H21N5O2S
Molecular Weight: 371.46
Percent Composition: C 58.20%, H 5.70%, N 18.85%, O 8.61%, S 8.63%
Literature References: Orally active macrofilaricide; derivative of amoscanate, q.v. Prepn: BE 772053 (1971 to Agripat); R. Spaun et al., US 3781290 (1973 to Ciba-Geigy). Mechanism of action study: K. P. Davies et al., Exp. Parasitol. 68, 382 (1989). HPLC determn in biological fluids: S. C. Bhatia et al., J. Chromatogr. 434, 288 (1988). Pharmacokinetics: J. B. Lecaillon et al., Br. J. Clin. Pharmacol. 30, 625, 629 (1990). Clinical trial in onchocerciasis: A. A. Poltera et al., Lancet 337, 583 (1991).
Properties: mp 191-196°. Sol in acetonitrile.
Melting point: mp 191-196°
Therap-Cat: Anthelmintic (Nematodes).
Keywords: Anthelmintic (Nematodes).

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