Vitamin T
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Title: Vitamin T
CAS Registry Number: 1407-73-4
Additional Names: Tegotin; termitin; torutilin; factor T; vitamin T Goetsch; Goetsch's vitamin
Trademarks: Temina
Literature References: A complex of growth-promoting substances, originally obtained from termites: Goetsch, Oesterr. Zool. Z. 1, 58-85 (1946). Also obtainable from roaches, yeasts and fungi. The isoln procedure has never been described. Isoln of "vitamin T complexes" from yeast: Koch et al., DE 1000962 (1957 to Aschaffenburger Zellstoffwerke), C.A. 54, 18898d (1960). Vitamin T may be a mixture of known vitamins and growth-promoting factors: Koch et al., Naturwissenschaften 38, 339 (1951). Polemic by Barkow, Goetsch, ibid. 42, 346 (1955).

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