Tung Oil
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Title: Tung Oil
Additional Names: China wood oil
Literature References: A drying oil from seeds of Aleurites cordata Steud., Euphorbiaceae, indigenous to China and Japan, but now grown also in Florida. Chief fatty acid component is eleostearic acid. Unlike linseed and soybean oils, it need not be refined.
Properties: Pale yellow liquid; characteristic disagreeable odor. On long keeping, or on heating for a short time at 300°, polymerizes to a stiff jelly. d 0.936-0.943. Iodine no. 163-171. Sapon no. 190-197. Sol in chloroform, ether, carbon disulfide, oils; the polymerized product is practically insol in the usual organic solvents.
Density: d 0.936-0.943
Use: Manuf quick-drying wood varnishes, linoleum, and floor cloth; in India rubber substitutes, insulating masses; for waterproofing paper and other tissues.

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