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Title: Yig
CAS Registry Number: 12063-56-8
CAS Name: Iron yttrium oxide
Additional Names: yttrium iron garnet
Molecular Formula: Fe5O12Y3
Molecular Weight: 737.94
Percent Composition: Fe 37.84%, O 26.02%, Y 36.14%
Line Formula: Y3Fe5O12
Literature References: Man-made mineral. Prepn by molten salt technique: Nielsen, Electronics, Jan. 31, 1964, pp 44-45. Advances in manufacture and applications: Gundlach, ibid., Oct. 14, 1968, pp 104-118. Electronic structure: Y.-N. Xu et al., J. Appl. Phys. 87, 4867 (2000).
Properties: Hard, brittle, garnet-type crystals. Hardness about equal to that of quartz. mp >1040°. The melt is easily amenable to doping and crystal nucleation by epitaxy. Crystals may be oriented along the simple axes (100), (110), and (111) using the natural (110) face of the crystal.
Melting point: mp >1040°
Use: In microwave tunable filters and limiters.

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