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Title: Polynoxylin
Trademarks: Anaflex (Geistlich); Larex (Geistlich); Ponoxylan (Berk)
Literature References: Alkali condensation product of formaldehyde and urea. Prepn: D. Haler, A. Aebi, Nature 190, 734 (1961); GB 905195 (1962 to Ed. Geistlich Soehne). Antimicrobial activity and toxicity study: H. Brodhage, A. R. Stofer, Antibiot. Chemother. 11, 205 (1961). Mechanism of action study: J. I. Blenkharn, J. Clin. Hosp. Pharm. 10, 367 (1985).
Properties: Amorphous powder, dec 200° (without melting). Soly in water: 0.28-0.31%.
Therap-Cat: Antiseptic.
Keywords: Antiseptic/Disinfectant.

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