Calcium Molybdate(VI)
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Title: Calcium Molybdate(VI)
CAS Registry Number: 7789-82-4
CAS Name: (T-4)-Calcium (1:1) molybdate (MoO42-)
Additional Names: calcium molybdenum oxide
Molecular Formula: CaMoO4
Molecular Weight: 200.02
Percent Composition: Ca 20.04%, Mo 47.97%, O 32.00%
Literature References: Prepn from sodium molybdate and CaSO4: Carosella, US 2460974 (1949 to U.S. Vanadium); by heating a stoichiometric mixture of CaO or CaCO3 and molybdic acid: Kroger, Nature 159, 674 (1947). Toxicity studies: L. T. Fairhall et al., "The Toxicity of Molybdenum," U.S. Public Health Service Bulletin No. 293, Washington D.C. (1945) 36 pp.
Properties: Tetragonal crystals. d. 4.35. Practically insol in water, alcohol. Sol in concd mineral acids.
Density: d. 4.35
Use: In phosphors and luminescent materials.

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