Tribromoacetic Acid
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Tribromoacetic Acid
CAS Registry Number: 75-96-7
Molecular Formula: C2HBr3O2
Molecular Weight: 296.74
Percent Composition: C 8.10%, H 0.34%, Br 80.78%, O 10.78%
Line Formula: CBr3COOH
Literature References: Prepn: Müller, US 2057964 (1936 to Winthrop Chem.); A. M. Kovalevskaya, S. A. Shkylar, Zh. Org. Khim. 1, 1540 (1965). Study of far IR spectrum: G. Statz, E. Lippert, Ber. Bunsen-Ges. Phys. Chem. 71, 673 (1967).
Properties: Monoclinic prisms, mp 129-135°. bp 245° (dec). Sol in water, alcohol, ether; slightly sol in petr ether. Dec in boiling water to bromoform.
Melting point: mp 129-135°
Boiling point: bp 245° (dec)
Use: Catalyst for polymerization; as brominating agent: W. J. Szczepek, Pol. J. Chem. 55, 709 (1981).

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