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Title: StellarĀ® (Staley)
CAS Registry Number: 151031-37-7
Literature References: Starch based fat replacer produced by controlled acid hydrolysis of corn starch. Shears to create a firm, deformable creme consisting of loosely aggregated submicron-sized starch particles. Consists of branched amylodextrins; average mol wt <20000. Prepn: D. W. Harris, K. D. Stanly, EP 529891 (1992 to Staley Manuf.). Functional properties in relationship to structure: D. W. Harris, G. A. Day, Starch/Staerke 45, 221 (1993). Brief description: Prepared Foods 161, 77 (1992).
Properties: Bland taste, slick fat-like mouthfeel. Hydrophilic. pH of 10% slurry, 3.0-5.0. Caloric value: 16 kJ/g. Exhibits thixotropic rheological behavior similar to hydrogenated vegetable shortening.
Use: Fat substitute for reduced calorie foods.

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