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Title: Indobufen
CAS Registry Number: 63610-08-2
CAS Name: 4-(1,3-Dihydro-1-oxo-2H-isoindol-2-yl)-a-ethylbenzeneacetic acid
Additional Names: (±)-2-[p-(1-oxo-2-isoindolinyl)phenyl]butyric acid; 1-oxo-2-[p-[(a-ethyl)carboxymethyl]phenyl]isoindoline; 2-[4-(1-carboxypropyl)phenyl]-1-isoindolinone
Manufacturers' Codes: K-3920
Trademarks: Ibustrin (Pharmacia)
Molecular Formula: C18H17NO3
Molecular Weight: 295.33
Percent Composition: C 73.20%, H 5.80%, N 4.74%, O 16.25%
Literature References: Platelet aggregation inhibitor. Prepn: R. W. J. Carney, G. de Stevens, DE 2034240 (1971 to Ciba), C.A. 74, 12547p (1971); P. N. Giraldi et al., DE 2154525; eidem, US 4118504 (1972, 1978 both to Carlo Erba); G. Nannini et al., Arzneim.-Forsch. 23, 1090 (1973). Pharmacology: M. Bergameaschi et al., Pharmacol. Res. Commun. 16, 979 (1984). HPLC determn in plasma: E. Wahlin-Boll et al., Eur. J. Clin. Pharmacol. 20, 375 (1981). Review of clinical pharmacokinetics and efficacy in vascular disease: L. R. Wiseman et al., Drugs 44, 445-464 (1992); in atherothrombosis: N. Bhana, K. J. McClellan, Drugs Aging 18, 369-388 (2001).
Properties: Crystals from ethanol, mp 182-184°.
Melting point: mp 182-184°
Therap-Cat: Antithrombotic.
Keywords: Antithrombotic.

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