Stannic Sulfide
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Stannic Sulfide
CAS Registry Number: 1315-01-1
Additional Names: Tin disulfide; mosaic gold; tin bronze
Molecular Formula: S2Sn
Molecular Weight: 182.84
Percent Composition: S 35.07%, Sn 64.93%
Line Formula: SnS2
Properties: Golden leaflets with metallic luster; fatty feel to the touch. d 4.5. Insol in water or dil acids. Sol in aqua regia, in solns of alkali hydroxides or sulfides.
Density: d 4.5
NOTE: The term "mosaic gold" is also used to designate an alloy consisting of 65.3% copper and 34.7% zinc.
Use: Gilding and bronzing metals, gypsum, wood and paper, usually by suspending in lacquer or varnish.

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