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Title: Orris
Additional Names: White flag
Literature References: Rhizome of Iris florentina L., I. pallida Lam. or I. germanica L., Iridaceae. Habit. Northern Italy, Germany, France. Constit. Iridin, irone, ionone, resin, starch, volatile oil (butter of orris). Review: W. A. Poucher, Perfumes, Cosmetics and Soaps vol. 1 (Chapman & Hall, London, 1974) pp 287-290.
Derivative Type: Oil
Additional Names: Orris root oil
Literature References: Constit. About 85% myristic acid; the odorous principle irone; methyl myristate, oleic aldehyde.
Properties: Yellowish-white to yellow, semisolid fatty substance; violet-like odor. mp 44-50°. Slightly dextrorotatory. Acid no. 213-222. Sapon no. 2-6.
Melting point: mp 44-50°
Use: In perfumes and soaps. As dusting powder.

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