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Title: 1-Naphthalenethiol
CAS Registry Number: 529-36-2
Additional Names: a-Thionaphthol; 1-thionaphthol; 1-mercaptonaphthalene; 1-naphthyl mercaptan
Molecular Formula: C10H8S
Molecular Weight: 160.24
Percent Composition: C 74.95%, H 5.03%, S 20.01%
Literature References: Prepd by catalytic sulfurization of naphthalene with S, S2Cl2, etc., followed by hydrogenation: Lazier et al.; Signaigo, US 2402645; US 2402686 (both 1946 to du Pont).
Properties: Liquid, strong mercaptan odor. Solidif on cooling. d40 1.1729; d204 1.607; d234 1.1549. bp760 285°; bp10.3 144.8°; bp2 138-140°. nD20 1.6802. Sol in ethanol, ether; sparingly sol in aq alkalies. Volatile with steam.
Boiling point: bp760 285°; bp10.3 144.8°; bp2 138-140°
Index of refraction: nD20 1.6802
Density: d40 1.1729; d204 1.607; d234 1.1549

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