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Title: Monteplase
CAS Registry Number: 122007-85-6
CAS Name: 84-L-Serine-plasminogen activator (human tissue-type protein moiety reduced)
Manufacturers' Codes: E-6010
Trademarks: Cleactor (Eisai)
Literature References: Genetically engineered variant of human tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA), q.v., constructed with a single amino acid substitution in the epidermal growth factor domain. Prepn: E. R. Mulvihill et al., EP 293936 (1988 to ZymoGenetics; Novo; Eisai); idem et al., US 5486471 (1996 to ZymoGenetics). Thrombolytic properties: S. Suzuki et al., J. Cardiovasc. Pharmacol. 17, 738 (1991). Pharmacology and pharmacokinetics: eidem, ibid. 22, 834 (1993). Clinical trial in treatment of myocardial infarction: C. Kawai et al., J. Am. Coll. Cardiol. 29, 1447 (1997); prior to angioplasty: T. Inoue et al., Am. J. Cardiol. 95, 506 (2005).
Therap-Cat: Thrombolytic.
Keywords: Thrombolytic.

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