Quillaja Saponin
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Title: Quillaja Saponin
Literature References: The saponin of quillay bark. Isolation: Kobert, Arch. Exp. Pathol. Pharmakol. 23, 233 (1887); Pachorukow, Arbeiten des Pharmakologischen Instituts zu Dorpat I, 5 (1888); Cofman-Nicoresti, Pharm. J. 111, 103 (1923), found the total saponin content of quillay bark to be ~9 or 10%. The saponin is built from quillaic acid, a sugar and possibly other substances.
Properties: Amorphous, deliquescent powder which causes sneezing when dispersed in the air. Freely sol in dil alc. Foams easily when shaken with water, the foam being relatively stable.

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