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Title: Pumactant
Trademarks: ALEC (Britannia); Zofac (AirPharma)
Literature References: Artificial lung expanding compound composed of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) and egg phosphatidylglycerol in a 7:3 (w/w) ratio. Description of prepn and clinical evaluation in premature babies: C. J. Morley et al., Lancet 1, 64 (1981). Clinical trials in premature babies: Ten Centre Study Group, Br. Med. J. 294, 991 (1987). Review of physical properties and design of mixture: A. D. Bangham et al., Easy Breathing and the Design of Artificial Lung Expanding Compounds (ALEC) in Topics in Lipid Research, R. Klein, B. Schmitz, Eds (Royal Society of Chemistry, London, Great Britain, 1986) 268-275; of various surfactant treatments: C. J. Morley, in Surfactant Replacement Therapy, D. L. Shapiro, R. H. Notter, Eds (Alan R. Liss, Inc., NY, NY, 1989) 219-234. Clinical trial in treatment of asthma: K. S. Babu et al., Eur. Resp. J. 21, 1046 (2003).
Properties: Fine crystalline powder.
Therap-Cat: Pulmonary surfactant.
Keywords: Pulmonary Surfactant.

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