Potassium Tetraiodocadmate
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Title: Potassium Tetraiodocadmate
CAS Registry Number: 584-10-1
CAS Name: Dipotassium tetraiodocadmate(2-)
Additional Names: cadmium potassium iodide; potassium cadmium iodide; potassium iodocadmate; Marme's reagent
Molecular Formula: CdI4K2
Molecular Weight: 698.23
Percent Composition: Cd 16.10%, I 72.70%, K 11.20%
Line Formula: K2[CdI4]
Literature References: Dihydrate prepd from aq solns of stoichiometric amounts of CdI2 and KI; must be recrystallized from water at low temps: Croft, Philos. Mag. 21, 355 (1842); J. Prakt. Chem. 58, 399 (1856); Hittorf, Pogg. Ann. 106, 525 (1859); Eder, Photogr. Mitt. 13, 67 (1867); Rimbach, Ber. 38, 1562 (1905).
Derivative Type: Dihydrate
Properties: Large, water-clear, somewhat distorted octahedra. Deliquesc upon standing in air. Turns yellow with age. d421 3.359. One part (w/w) dissolves at 15° in 0.73 part water, in 1.4 part alcohol, in 24.5 parts ether, in 4.5 parts of a 1:1 alcohol-ether mixture; also sol in ethyl acetate.
Density: d421 3.359
Use: In testing for alkaloids, amines, imines, heterocyclic nitrogens, peroxides in ether. In chelatometric quantitative organic analysis: Chim. Anal. (Paris) 43, 449 (1961).

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