Potassium Tetracyanomercurate(II)
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Title: Potassium Tetracyanomercurate(II)
CAS Registry Number: 591-89-9
CAS Name: Dipotassium tetrakis(cyano-C)mercurate(2-)
Additional Names: mercuric potassium cyanide
Molecular Formula: C4HgK2N4
Molecular Weight: 382.86
Percent Composition: C 12.55%, Hg 52.39%, K 20.42%, N 14.63%
Line Formula: K2[Hg(CN)4]
Properties: Colorless or white crystals. Sol in water. Violent poison!
Use: In manuf of mirrors to prevent the silver coating from becoming yellow; as reagent in testing for free acids.

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