p-Bromophenyl Isocyanate
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Title: p-Bromophenyl Isocyanate
CAS Registry Number: 2493-02-9
CAS Name: 1-Bromo-4-isocyanatobenzene
Additional Names: 4-bromophenylcarbimide; p-bromophenylcarbonimide; p-bromocarbanil
Molecular Formula: C7H4BrNO
Molecular Weight: 198.02
Percent Composition: C 42.46%, H 2.04%, Br 40.35%, N 7.07%, O 8.08%
Literature References: Prepd by heating phenyl isocyanate dibromide: Curtius, J. Prakt. Chem. 87, 517 (1913); by distilling p-bromophenylurethan and P2O5: Dennstedt, Ber. 13, 228 (1880).
Properties: Needles, pungent odor, mp 42°. bp14 158°. Very sol in ether.
Melting point: mp 42°
Boiling point: bp14 158°
Use: Prepn of bromophenylurea and urethan derivatives.

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