Potassium Perchlorate
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Potassium Perchlorate
CAS Registry Number: 7778-74-7
Additional Names: Peroidin
Trademarks: Perchloracap (Mallinckrodt)
Molecular Formula: ClKO4
Molecular Weight: 138.55
Percent Composition: Cl 25.59%, K 28.22%, O 46.19%
Line Formula: KClO4
Properties: Colorless crystals or white, cryst powder. Dec at 400°; also dec by organic matter, oxidizable substances and on concussion, but is less reactive than the chlorate. d 2.52. Sol in 65 parts cold water, 15 parts boiling water; practically insol in alcohol.
Density: d 2.52
Use: In explosives, pyrotechnics and photography, in analytical chemistry.

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