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Title: Polydextrose
CAS Registry Number: 68424-04-4
Trademarks: Litesse (Pfizer)
Literature References: Randomly bonded condensation polymer of dextrose with small amounts of bound sorbitol and citric acid. Functions to replace the bulk and mouthfeel of sugar and/or fat in reduced calorie foods. Prepn: H. H. Rennhard, US 3766165 (1973 to Pfizer). Improved process: D. B. Guzek et al., EP 473333 (1992 to Pfizer); C.A. 116, 237725s (1992). Reviews of physical properties and applications in foods: A. Torres, R. D. Thomas, Food Technol. 35, 44-49 (1981); F. K. Moppett in Food Sci. Technol. 48, entitled "Alternative Sweeteners", L. O. Nabors, R. C. Gelardi, Eds. (1991) pp 401-421.
Properties: White to light tan, amorphous powder, mp >130°. Bland, non-sweet taste. Hygroscopic. pH of 10% w/w aq soln: 2.5-3.5. Viscosity of 50% aq soln: 35 cP. Very sol in water (to ~80%). Partially sol in glycerin, propylene glycol. Insol in ethanol. Caloric utilization value in humans: 1 kcal/g.
Melting point: mp >130°
Use: Bulking agent for reduced calorie foods.

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