Phosphomolybdic Acid
Structural Formula Vector Image
Title: Phosphomolybdic Acid
CAS Registry Number: 11104-88-4
CAS Name: Molybdophosphoric acid
Additional Names: dodecamolybdophosphoric acid
Literature References: Formula approx 24MoO3.P2O5.xH2O. Prepn: Wu, J. Biol. Chem. 43, 189 (1920); Hastings, Frediani, Anal. Chem. 20, 382 (1948). Formula also reported to be 20MoO3.P2O5.51H2O: U.S.P. XXI, 1398. Review of phosphomolybdic acids: Mellor's Vol. XI, pp 659-672 (1931).
Properties: Bright yellow crystals. Sol in less than 0.4 part water; very sol in alcohol, ether.
Use: Weighting silks; as reagent for alkaloids, uric acid, xanthine, creatinine, some metals, with hematoxylin as nerve stain in microscopy.

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