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Title: Peppermint
Additional Names: Brandy mint; lamb mint
Literature References: Perennial herb, Mentha piperita L., Labiatae. Habit. Asia, Europe, North America; cultivated in gardens. Medicinal parts are the essential oil, dried leaves and flowering tops, or the fresh flowering plant. Constit. Volatile oil (1-3%), flavonoids incl. luteolin, rutin, hesperidin; phenolic acids incl. caffeic, chlorogenic and rosmarinic acids; triterpenes. GC determn of menthol components in oil: J. P. Sang, J. Chromatogr. 253, 109 (1982); in pharmaceutical preparations: D. Y.-H. Yeung et al., J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal. 30, 1469 (2003). HPLC determn of phenolic compounds in leaves: F. M. Areias et al., Food Chem. 73, 307 (2001). Review of constituents and medicinal uses: P. R. Bradley, British Herbal Compendium (British Herbal Medicines Association, Dorset, 1992) pp 174-176. Series of articles on pharmacology and clinical experience in irritable bowel syndrome: H.-G. Grigoleit, P. Grigoleit, Phytomedicine 12, 601-616 (2005).
Derivative Type: Volatile oil
CAS Registry Number: 8006-90-4
Additional Names: Oil of peppermint
Trademarks: Colpermin (Pharmacia); Mintec (Shire)
Literature References: Steam-distilled from fresh leaves and flowering tops. Constit. Chiefly menthol (35-55%), menthone (10-40%), menthyl acetate (1-10%), menthofuran (1-10%), cineol (2-13%), limonene, (+)-isomenthone, viridoflorol, dimethyl sulfide.
Properties: Colorless to pale yellow liquid; strong, penetrating peppermint odor and pungent taste. d2525 0.896-0.908. nD20 1.459-1.465. Rotation between -18 and -32. Very slightly sol in water; sol in 3 vols 70% alcohol. Insol in propylene glycol.
Index of refraction: nD20 1.459-1.465
Density: d2525 0.896-0.908
Derivative Type: Spirit of Peppermint
Literature References: An alcoholic soln contg per liter 100 ml oil of peppermint and the alcohol-soluble principles from 10 g of powdered peppermint previously macerated with water.
Use: Flavoring agent in pharmaceuticals, foods, liqueurs, confectionary. In hair tonics, stimulating shampoos, conditioners. Leaves in herbal teas.
Therap-Cat: Carminative; antispasmodic.

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