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Title: Salatrim
CAS Registry Number: 64706-27-0
Literature References: Family of low-calorie fats composed of mixtures of long-chain saturated fatty acids (predominantly stearic) and short-chain saturated fatty acids (acetic, propionic, and/or butyric) esterified to the glycerol backbone. Name is an acronym derived from short and long acyltriglyceride molecule. Prepd but not claimed: T. A. Pelloso et al., WO 9418290; eidem, US 5434278 (1994, 1995 both to Nabisco). Series of articles on prepn, characterization, HPLC determn, pharmacology, and clinical assessment: J. Agric. Food Chem. 42, 432-604 (1994). GC/MS determn in foods: A. S. Huang et al., ibid. 43, 1834 (1995).
Properties: Average caloric availability in humans: 4.9 kcal/g.
Use: Alternative fat used in foods.

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