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Title: Naptalam
CAS Registry Number: 132-66-1
CAS Name: 2-[(1-Naphthalenylamino)carbonyl]benzoic acid
Additional Names: N-1-naphthylphthalamic acid; a-naphthylphthalamic acid
Molecular Formula: C18H13NO3
Molecular Weight: 291.30
Percent Composition: C 74.22%, H 4.50%, N 4.81%, O 16.48%
Literature References: Selective pre-emergence herbicide. Prepn: A. E. Smith, O. L. Hoffmann, US 2556665 (1951 to U.S. Rubber). Activity: O. L. Hoffmann, A. E. Smith, Science 109, 588 (1949). Mobility in soil: A. E. Smith et al., J. Agric. Food Chem. 5, 748 (1957).
Properties: Crystals from ethanol, d420 1.40. mp 203° (technical grade, mp 175-180°). Soly: <0.02 g/100 ml of water. Sol in alkaline solns, but dec above pH 9.5. Slightly sol in ethanol, acetone, benzene. Hydrolyzed by strong acids and bases.
Melting point: mp 203° (technical grade, mp 175-180°)
Density: d420 1.40
Derivative Type: Sodium salt
Manufacturers' Codes: ACP-332; NPA-3
Trademarks: Alanap
Molecular Formula: C18H12NNaO3
Molecular Weight: 313.28
Percent Composition: C 69.01%, H 3.86%, N 4.47%, Na 7.34%, O 15.32%
Use: Herbicide; as analytical reagent for thorium and zirconium.

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