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Title: N-Acetylpenicillamine
CAS Registry Number: 15537-71-0
CAS Name: N-Acetyl-3-mercapto-D-valine
Molecular Formula: C7H13NO3S
Molecular Weight: 191.25
Percent Composition: C 43.96%, H 6.85%, N 7.32%, O 25.10%, S 16.77%
Literature References: Prepn: Crooks in The Chemistry of Penicillin (Princeton Univ. Press, 1949) p 470; Sheehan et al., US 2477148 and US 2496416 (1949, 1950, both to Merck & Co.).
Derivative Type: dl-Form
Properties: Crystals from hot water, mp 183°.
Melting point: mp 183°
Derivative Type: d-Form
Properties: Crystals from water, mp 189-190°; [a]D25 +18° (50% ethanol).
Melting point: mp 189-190°
Optical Rotation: [a]D25 +18° (50% ethanol)

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