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Title: Methabenzthiazuron
CAS Registry Number: 18691-97-9
CAS Name: N-2-Benzothiazolyl-N,N¢-dimethylurea
Additional Names: 1-(2-benzothiazolyl)-1,3-dimethylurea; metabenzthiazuron; MBU
Manufacturers' Codes: Bayer 5633; Bayer 74283
Trademarks: Tribunil (Bayer)
Molecular Formula: C10H11N3OS
Molecular Weight: 221.28
Percent Composition: C 54.28%, H 5.01%, N 18.99%, O 7.23%, S 14.49%
Literature References: Derivative of urea. Prepn and use as pre-emergence herbicide: N. E. Searle, US 2756135 (1956 to du Pont). Use as pre- and post-emergence herbicide in wheat and barley: H. Hack et al., GB 1085430 (1967 to Bayer). Herbicidal properties: H. Hack, Pflanzenschutz-Nachr. 22, 331 (1969). Toxicity studies: G. Kimmerle, E. Löser, ibid. 351. Use in winter cereals: D. C. Clark et al., Proc. 12th Brit. Weed Control Conf. 163 (1974). Mode of action: G. F. Collet, Weed Res. 9, 340 (1969). Long-term effect on soil: P. L. Huge, Pflanzenschutz-Nachr. 34, 97 (1981). Brief review: P. Lours, Def. Veg. 24, 91 (1970).
Properties: White crystals from benzene, mp 119-120.5°. Soly in water at 20°: 59 ppm. Sol in organic solvents. Vapor pressure at 20°: <10-6 mm Hg. LD50 in mice (mg/kg): >1000 orally; in male, female rats (mg/kg): >2500, >2500 orally; 540, 315 i.p. (Kimmerle, Löser).
Melting point: mp 119-120.5°
Toxicity data: LD50 in mice (mg/kg): >1000 orally; in male, female rats (mg/kg): >2500, >2500 orally; 540, 315 i.p. (Kimmerle, Löser)
Use: Selective herbicide.

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