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Title: Ipomea
Additional Names: Mexican scammony (root); Orizaba jalap root
Literature References: Dried root of Ipomoea orizabensis Ledenois, Convolvulaceae. Active constituent is the resin. Yields not less than 15% total ipomea resins. Different from Ipomoea violacea var. Pearly Gates Hort., Convolvulaceae and Ipomoea rubrocoerulea var. praecox, morning-glory, ololiuqui, which contain ergot alkaloids. Occurrence of lysergic acid derivatives and of ergolines in Ipomea: A. Hofmann, H. Tscherter, Experientia 16, 414 (1960); D. Stauffacher et al., Helv. Chim. Acta 48, 1379 (1965).
Therap-Cat: Cathartic.

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