Manganese Nitrate
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Title: Manganese Nitrate
CAS Registry Number: 10377-66-9
Molecular Formula: MnN2O6
Molecular Weight: 178.95
Percent Composition: Mn 30.70%, N 15.65%, O 53.64%
Line Formula: Mn(NO3)2
Literature References: Prepn: Dehnicke, Strähle, Ber. 97, 1502 (1964). Review: Gmelins, Manganese (8th ed.) 56, part C3, 267-281 (1975).
Properties: Colorless; hygroscopic. Sol in water, dioxane, tetrahydrofuran, acetonitrile.
Derivative Type: Tetrahydrate
Properties: Pink, deliquesc cryst masses at temp below 20°. d 2.129. mp 37.1°. Very sol in water, sol in alcohol. The aq soln is slightly acid.
Melting point: mp 37.1°
Density: d 2.129
Derivative Type: Hexahydrate
Properties: Rose-colored, deliquesc, monoclinic needles (colorless after several crystns). d 1.8. mp 25.0°. Freely sol in water, alcohol.
Melting point: mp 25.0°
Density: d 1.8
Use: Intermediate in manuf of reagent grade MnO2; in prepn of porcelain colorants.

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