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Title: Eucatropine
CAS Registry Number: 100-91-4
CAS Name: a-Hydroxybenzeneacetic acid 1,2,2,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidinyl ester
Additional Names: mandelic acid b-1,2,2,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidyl ester; b-4-hydroxy-1,2,2,6-tetramethylpiperidine mandelic acid ester; N-methyl-b-vinyldiacetonalkamine mandelate; b-4-mandeloyloxy-1,2,2,6-tetramethylpiperidine; b-1,2,2,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidinol mandelate
Trademarks: Euphthalmine (Warner-Chilcott)
Molecular Formula: C17H25NO3
Molecular Weight: 291.39
Percent Composition: C 70.07%, H 8.65%, N 4.81%, O 16.47%
Literature References: Anticholinergic. Prepn from higher melting form (b-form) of 1,2,2,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidinol and mandelic acid: Harries, Ann. 296, 328 (1897); Kipping, J. Chem. Soc. 123, 3115 (1923). Description: Harries, Ber. 31, 665 (1898).
Derivative Type: dl-Form
Properties: Prisms from petr ether sinters at 108°, mp 113°. Practically insol in cold water, more sol in hot water; readily sol in organic solvents other than petr ether.
Melting point: mp 113°
Derivative Type: dl-Form hydrochloride
Properties: Crystals from alcohol + ether, sinters at 181°, mp 183-184°. Very sol in water; sol in alcohol (1 g dissolves in 2 ml boiling alcohol), in chloroform. Practically insol in ether. Aq solns are neutral to litmus.
Melting point: mp 183-184°
Therap-Cat: Mydriatic.
Keywords: Mydriatic; Antimuscarinic.

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