Ethyl Alcohol, Denatured
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Title: Ethyl Alcohol, Denatured
Additional Names: Denatured alcohol
Literature References: Ethyl alcohol to which has been added some substance or substances which, while allowing the use of the alcohol in the most varied industries and arts, renders it entirely unfit for consumption as a beverage. The most commonly used denaturants, either alone or in combination, are the following: Methanol, camphor, Aldehol, amyl alcohol, gasoline, isopropanol, terpineol, benzene, castor oil, acetone, nicotine, aniline dyes, ether, cadmium iodide, pyridine bases, sulfuric acid, kerosene, diethyl phthalate. Formula 1 is 5 gallons approved wood alcohol added to 100 gal of 95% ethanol. Formula 2B is 0.5 gal benzene added to 100 gal of 95% ethanol. Similarly formula 3A contains 5 gal commercial methanol, formula 6B contains 0.5 gal pyridine bases, formula 12A 5 gal benzene, formula 13A 10 gal ethyl ether, formula 19 4 gal methyl isobutyl ketone and 1 gal kerosene, formula 20 5 gal crude chloroform, formula 23A 10 gal acetone, formula 28 10 gal benzene, formula 28A 1 gal gasoline, formula 30 10 gal methanol, formula 32 5 gal ethyl ether, formula 33 30 lbs methyl violet, formula 35A 5 gal ethyl acetate, formula 39C 1 gal diethyl phthalate; formula 44 contains 20 gal n-butanol. Additional permissible formulas are given in Appendix to Regulations No. 3, Formulae for Completely and Specially Denatured Alcohol, published by the U.S. Treasury Dept., Bureau of Industrial Alcohol. Reprinted in N. A. Lange, Handbook of Chemistry.
CAUTION: Denaturants, particularly methanol, may modify and increase toxic symptoms caused by ingestion and exposure to fumes.

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